Sunday, June 8, 2008

This board will be going private soon...

Due to some issues in our life recently, I'm forced to make this blog private.

It will still be available to friends and family, but I have to add your email address to my approved readers list, and you will have to sign up for your own free account if you don't have one already- it wont allow anonymous or non-members to view the blog. I wish I could just password protect this blog, but that is not a feature (that I could find) so the only other option was to make it available only to approved people.

I love blogging and it's a great way to share my family news with people - but just the whole world wide web.

I'll leave this message up for another few days and then I'll switch it to private.

Thank you,



Kim said...

Add me to your list. I don't always comment (don't always have time, you know how it is with kids and but I do read all your posts. :)

Jeff-Bethany-Haden-Grant-Cole-Delaney said...

Bethany, I don't know if you know who I am, I am from the All Boys Board as well as the LDS board (forever_mommy). I love to keep up on you and your cute family, so if I can could you please add me?

Ambre said...

Hey there Bethany! I catch myself snooping here on your cutie pants bunch at least weekly and I would miss it so much if I couldn't. I'm nosy that way, but oh-so-harmless. ;) Add me, k? I'm pretty sure I'm already 'signed up' but let me know if I need to do something. Hang in there ... and give yourself a big ol' hug. xoxoxoxoxox

Amy said...

I would love to be able to access your blog. Add me, please? I don't always comment, but I do read frequently. I'm amy aka sjmjsmom from the lds ivillage board. my addy is