Monday, May 12, 2008

Apple Blossom 2008

Whew. Another Apple Blossom over and done with! And this year I think we were able to come out of it without spending half of our life savings. haha

I didn't get any pictures of the youth parade we went to, but it's all pretty much the same thing every year. ;)

We even managed to, for the most part, avoid the food fair...after buying $4 corndogs following the youth parade, there was no way I was going back later with the whole family and spending easily $50 I'm sure just on carnival junk food! The prices...sheesh!

We did at least go to the carnival for a couple hours and the boys had a blast there. Alex even talked me into going on a couple rides. I wouldn't have dared showed these photos that Billy took, not the most flattering, but they are "fun" pictures. ;) Alex got me to go on the Scrambler, not too scary of a ride. Brayden went as well but I should have had him sit in the middle instead of me, because most of the ride I was squishing him against the side of our cart and trying to pull myself off of him!

Then Alex wanted to go on a scarier ride, the Kamikaze I think it was called. Like the "Hammer" I used to remember. It goes upside down, round and round, backwards and forwards. Fun. BUT I didn't want him to go alone, that would have been scarier for me. SO I went with him.... Oh and we're the ones in the FRONT seat.

Now the rest of the carnival pictures! One more year until the next Apple Blossom.....

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Amy said...

Looks like you all had a blast!

~Amy aka sjmjsmom